I Just Broke Up With My Love For… Peanut Butter

Up until a few days ago did I stumble across some shocking facts about peanut butter…
Organic or not, what you need to think about is the nature of a peanut, rather than it’s surroundings.

PEANUTS are known to be a part of the ‘mold’ family, a mold that produces a toxin called alfatoxin. What that is is a known carcinogen associated with liver cancer, and any food that is creating congestion in the liver may potentially hinder the functions of detoxification and fat burning.

Peanuts are susceptible to toxins because they are not like other nuts. Nuts such as brazil and walnuts live in a hard and protective shell, growing on trees. Peanuts don’t actually live in a ‘nut’, instead they come from a soft, thin “shell” and grow underground. Without getting to science-y about it, anything growing underground inside a thin, frail coating  exposes the peanut to warm humidity that allows for the growth of molds. Not only that, but peanuts can similarly also grow mold during in storage, shipping, or even on grocery store shelves if not cared for properly.

That isn’t all. Peanuts are also known to  contain anti-nutrients, such as lectins. They are known to be sticky proteins found in different foods. From  it’s stickiness and structure it makes them nearly impossible to digest and bind to cells in the human body, which leads to… wait for it… inflammation! Ugh.

This is why… I started to consume almond/ cashew or brazil butter (or just all 3, ABC butter). It’s just as delicious and the texture is much more creamier, so it’s a win win in my eyes!

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