Gut & Blood Analysis: Update

It’s time to give you guys my LATEST update on where I am at with my gut life. I can’t begin to describe how overwhelming this journey has been over the 18months, even when I eat super clean and train hard.

To briefly explain my symptoms over the years til this day I have suffered from: indigestion, constipation, diarrhea (in the past), skin conditions – eczema and psoriasis, lower stomach pouch of ‘fat’ (which is also known as the spare tire), fatigue, dry hair, gas, bloating after all foods, especially fruit, dairy, gluten and soy, bad breath, body fat (and not being able to lose it), limited muscle gain, no motivation, brain fog and irregular periods. How have I been living with this? I don’t know.

There was a time when I felt ‘healed’ but I actually wasn’t. It was a temporary fix when I started taking digestive enzymes and betaine Hcl – I thought that was all that I needed to do to be ‘fixed’. I like to think of enzymes as a temporary bandaid. I actually stopped taking them altogether and have only recently started taking them here or there when necessary eg before a heavy meal that needs to be broken down. Otherwise I ensure to cook my food well – through steaming or slow cooking.

To cut the story short, I’ve seen naturopaths, a gastroenterologist and other gut specialists – whom all in which gave me great advice on the topic and protocols to follow, but I still didn’t know what was, or what is TRULY going on in my gut even after several tests – plenty of bloods and stool tests (through my GP), urine + saliva tests (naturopath) so my faith in these people was diminishing. Plus my gastro specialist made me feel as if I was just clogged up with stool and there was nothing more to it, so he made me take Morvicol, which is just a constipation supplement and mentioned if that didn’t work to just do a colonoscopy and endonoscopy. But I knew it was more than that! I was so frustrated at this point and my hope was also slowly fading.

After seeing many success stories online I knew I had to find someone who was REALLY into the gut, someone who understood SIBO, Candida, Immunity etc – someone who had worked with those who had more than just bloating symptons… But anyone around Sydney charged ALOT of money – and I mean alot. Health is an investment, however there is still always some sort of budget. Soo I was leaning to go back to my naturopath to continue what was never truly finished… It was only until someone from social media reached out to me and referred me to Dave O’brien from 5 Element Wellness in Melbourne. She said she was under his protocol and truly believes he is my answer as well. As I post quite alot about my personal jounrey on Instagram, after she saw all my stories and read my posts she let me in on how she could relate and all my symptoms were identical to hers – even the lower belly pouch/ spare tire. Let me tell you – I thought I was the only one dealing with this.

SO – up until right now I’ll fill you in on whats happened.

My first step was to book in a consultation for a Blood Analysis with 5 Element Wellness – because they are in Melbourne I am doing everything remotely. I got my bloods done again through my GP and pathology, and from there all my past bloods over the last 12 months and the most recent ones were sent to 5EW to analyze and compare any trends.

After my consultation my results came back in a summary of this:

  • Chronic inflammation
  • Stress
  • Malnutrition through malabsorption
  • Low immune system

Overwhelming, yet kind of relieved is how I feel. At least I know there’s something going on.

Out of all of my bloods the only thing I can properly make out is that my white blood cells came back LOW in the optimal range. One thing to remember here is that, just because your bloods may be fine in the medical range (what your doctor refers you to) that may not be the case. We want to be looking at the optimal range, not medical.
My other results were either HIGH or LOW, all resulting in the above.

From these blood results I have this protocol to follow below:



  • Adding in infrared saunas – 1 x week/fortnight – relaxation responses triggered by the bodys parasympathetic system (to get out of fight or flight mode – sympathetic)
  • Cryo therapy – eg cold showers, ice baths, ocean swims (winter)
  • Eating minfully – not eating on the run and eating in a low-stress environment without distraction
  • Natural cleaning and skin care products – gluten free


  • Consuming bitter greens
  • Drinking alkaline or mineral water – to get in extra minerals
  • Adding in some saturated fats – Ghee, MCT oil or coconut oil.
  • Rotating through foods – making sure to not eat the same foods every day.
  • Rotate protein sources (beef, chicken, lamb, pork, fish, kangaroo, venison, turkey, duck) different types of vegetables (low fodmap)

    If we consume the same foods day in and day out we can start to build up intolerances, this is especially true for proteins. 

My next step

Now I have booked in for a 1:1 consultation with Dave himself for after I get a comprehensive stool test done. This can take up to 3-4 weeks to get the results back… so… that may be only the end of July I have the golden answer in my hand and actually start any protocol for that specific overgrowth or gut issue I have.

Til then, I’ll be following the above.

Update you soon!

Kath xo

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