Day 1 of 20 weeks Leaky Gut & Candida Protocol

I want to try keep this blog site about all things healthy – nutrition, lifestyle, building good habits, as well as document my journey through my leaky gut & candida protocol but not base TOO much around it. Just enough to share updates for anyone going through something similar, ya know? So this post is going to be a little more on the personal side of things today.

Finally, I have received all my starting supplements for my Leaky Gut protocol, which is the first five weeks of twenty. In this time I will be focusing to repair the gut lining of my digestive tract (well, what’s left of it). I don’t know what it looks like but from what I have been told it sounds like it’s in a pretty damaged condition. How? I can actually remember the overuse of antibiotics and never being known to repair my gut lining afterwards to build it back up… The amount of alcohol, smoke and illegal drugs I had consumed, which would have only run it down drastically. But I never suspected I was actually ruining and killing my insides.

Over the last few months, leading up to today I had entirely let go of my nutrition and good habits. What I mean by that is I kind of ate all the dairy and gluten around me. I had been dairy, gluten, egg and soy free since last year September 2018 until one day this year I had eaten gluten and dairy (I can’t remember what for or why), but since then it’s as if I just let loose and my willpower was completely broken. The importance emphasis around how much damage it does for the digestive system and my body was completely irrelevant it seemed.

But hey, I can beat myself up for slipping up but why hang onto the past when the future is what’s most important here. It’s just like forgiving and forgetting, only with yourself.

So I have planned out for the first five weeks of the protocol and have set reminders on my phone for when I need to take the next dose of supplements. From this I hope to form my habits going forward. Setting reminders on my phone like this does and has helped me form good habits in the past, but sometimes there are still days I do forget, so it’s always good to just keep it there for as long as you can.

Along with this I also have a strict nutrition and lifestyle outline to follow but I think I will fill you all in with a separate post so I don’t bore you with a lengthy one today. As for my supplements I may put sharing that on hold simply because I want to try it for myself and also because it could be the completely wrong diagnosis for you. Our digestive system and microbiomes are so unique and individualised, my results are crazy out of whack so what has been prescribed to me may not be what is right for you. It’s true, but I may share it one day.

Until then I want you to remember – we are the only ones in control of our actions – what we put in our mouths, what we think to believe, what we do to change. I long the day that I will feel better and won’t bloat after eating a healthy piece of food – let’s hope together that I can commit and be self disciplined over these next 20-or so weeks to help myself get better… Sorry Christmas and New Year, I am going to have to sit this one out this year…


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