Slow Cooked WHOLE Chicken.

Love me some chicken!

As part of my protocol I have been told to consume slow cooked meats. And yes, this means preparation, as ‘slow-cooking’ means 6-8 hours of cooking.

So why slow cooked? Simply because it is digested easier by the digestive system, as the meats are broken down from the temperature it has been cooking in. The slow-cooking of meats allows the meat to soften and literally fall apart… literally just a mess haha.

Something you may not have known is that cold foods (even drinks) slows down the digestive process, so foods and drinks are best consumed warm (not boiling). Ever heard of having warm water with lemon first thing in the morning? It’s basically to kickstart your intestines and GI tract and I suppose you could say not “shock” your body from anything cold.

Getting back to the slow cooker. We bought the Crock Pot Digital Hinged One Lid Cooker – and it totally works like a charm. I would totally recommend it for anyone with a small family, but if you’re cooking for more than four people I would upsize to the next cooker.

There are several meats you can cook, such as: brisket, chicken thighs, chicken breasts, lamb shanks, ribs, chicken drumsticks or pork shoulder.

However today we’re slow cooking a whole chicken. Now, I can’t say we’ve tried this before but we don’t see why it would not turn out. (I will tell you now it did turn out delicioussssss!) As we all know it, garnishes are always a game changer too – plus you need to for the broths sake.




Ginger (grounded)
Ginger (fresh)
Peppercorn (whole)
Pink Himalayan Salt
Rosemary (fresh)
Cayenne Pepper
Paprika (hot)
Cumin Seed (grounded)
Thyme (fresh)
Bone Broth Concentrate – Plain or Turmeric & Ginger by Best of the Bone (use 15% off code kickstartyourgut)
2 x Organic tomato Ppaste, or tinned tomatoes


1. Using gloves or clean hands, place whole chicken in a large shallow bowl or on a board. Rub on seasonings and spices all over chicken

2. In a large pan pan fry chicken on low heat until colour on the outside (all over)

3. Place chicken into the slow cooker, add in tomato paste or tinned tomatoes, fresh ginger, peppercorn, fresh rosemary and thyme, 2 tablespoons of bone broth then warm water – until fully covered

4. For 60min place chicken on high then for the remainder 6-7 hours place slow cooker on low

5. Once it has cooked, take out the chicken (carefully) and allow to rest. Add bone broth into a separate container to allow fat and broth to separate overnight in the fridge (or just a few hours). This then leaves me til my next post about how you can use your bone broth (and save it for a longer period of time too!)


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