My Story…

Where do I start!?

A lot has changed since starting my blog – I was in a completely different headspace as to where I am now. Every day I feel I am evolving and changing as a person, for the better, finding and creating myself, for who I want to be in this life!

I was blessed with a great childhood and upbringing. I am so grateful for the family I have. I come from a family with 5 children, inluding myself being the youngest, and a cultural background, Russian. So of course that means delicious foods and flavours, parties and events. As most children will say about their mothers cooking – it is amazing, so we were well fed whilst all living at home.

But let’s just speed up time a little… I graduated from High School and University (Bachelor of Media & Communications). I had a close group of friends and great support system, but there was something missing in my years of growing up. Well for starters, I never played sports – I hate PE in school. I always broke a bone (thats not even joking, I have broken the same arm about 5 times). I ate whatever I wanted, never with a conscious decision, I also did not even care to think about what ‘healthy’ or ‘wellbeing’ meant.

I was never fat, but I did carry extra body fat around my hips and never a flat stomach. Kind of over the years of growing up, turning 18 and being able to go to parties, meeting boys and so on, did I start feeling conscious about my body – but SELF conscious. I did not like the way I looked. I hated my body. Let’s just say I have put my body under loads of stress – bulimia and on a mission to anorexia. I got to a point where I actually felt better in my body but I was getting sick. Really sick. I was failing myself.

Again, little did I raelly know that one thing affects another, and my mental health was suffering even more than my physical self.

There was a turn around and I came back into reality with a stronger mindset. I started to eat again, however not with much conscious decisions but I did start going to the gym – alot! Kinda too much, but I loved it.

Over the last 6 years I have been involved with health and fitness. Every year, or even month I could say how much I have grown – learning something completely new to do with the human body, nutrition, training, mental health, spritituality and more… There is SO much to know about LIFE itself and all the benefits for ourselves.

I won’t deny I am an overthinker – haha – but I do love to deeply think about the whys or hows of something.

Cutting to the chase – in the years of becoming healthier, stronger – physically and mentally, I had also learnt a WHOLE lot of my body. The most important thing that I am also so passionate about is gut health.

Without a healthy gut, is an unhealthy body AND mind.

Your gut is your second brain, as they all say. And I don’t doubt it one bit.

Your gut knows whats up, and it will surely tell you by symptons you may encouter throughout your life. Some peoples cases are far worse than others. And mine, well, haha, let me just say its been an ongoing one.

I’ve only recently been getting to know about it more. It’s been through the wars over years, from very very young years (lets relate back to me saying I did not have a flat stomach), but it’s on the mend now.

Being healthy and strong in all aspects means so much to me. I hold and have a true passion for it… Nutrition, gut health, training according to your goals and lifestyle changes to just create a healthier space and environment for yourself… I never thought I’d see myself wanting to actually RESEARCH about these topics so much, to then want to express my love and personal experience of it all to help not only myself, but other people too!

I have come a long way with finding my direction in life, to now be able to create the person whom I wish and hope to be.

Moving on from marketing and design to now coaching many individuals in Nutrition, Fitness and Lifestyle/ Habits – remotely  at a gym as well as online is by far the greatest job.

I wish to inspire, assist, achieve and do many greats in life, again not only for myself but for others most importantly! So I really hope I can help you on your personal journey in bettering yourself – to become a happier and healthier person!

Kath xo